Project Asty:


Factors influencing the overall quality of the characteristics imparted by resin into the wine during its contact with the must in retsina production.

The main objective of the EU co-financed project within the framework of the Action of National Scope: “Research – Create – Innovate Second Cycle” is to investigate the factors influencing the quality characteristics imparted by pine resin into the wine during the liquid-solid phase contact in retsina production, focusing on sustainable production methods and on the quality control of the retsina production process.

The results of the research will be implemented in the creation of new products classified under the Retsina Appellation by Tradition category. These new products that will highlight for the first time the quality features of resin, a unique natural product, will cause new-market disruption for Greek wine, adding value to a flagship product of the Greek culinary tradition and enhance the competitive advantage that retsina has in the mature international wine markets.