This research focuses on the second of the two raw materials involved in the production of retsina, the resin. Specifically, the characteristics of resin and the processes by which its character contributes to the creation of the unique characteristics of retsina (one of the most popular wines of Greece) will be highlighted.
Focusing on resin, its production and use will be studied in the context of the vinification of the wines belonging to the “Retsina – Wine of Appellation by Tradition” category.


To carry out the research, different vinification protocols are created aiming to investigate the overall quality of the character of the resin as it is expressed in the context of the vinification of retsina. The methodology is done in a way that ensures the repeatability and accuracy of the conclusions.
The evaluation of all the qualitative characteristics of the resin extracted to the must is done at regular intervals through organoleptic and instrumental chemical analyses.